We create and produce safe, high quality perfume taking inspiration from people and nature to provide products that make you stand out.

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We believe

We believe in creating & supplying bespoke, niche fragrance to the devoted perfume lovers of the world.

Exploring, discovering & creating scents that speak directly to your soul.

Highest Quality

We want you smelling your BEST! Our raw materials are sourced from all corners from the globe, to create a scent the meets our standards.

Authenticity &

We know you're unique, so why would you want to smell like everyone else?!

Create your unique blend & watch heads turn!

Naturally Safe &

We honestly have nothing to hide! We believe in our perfumes, so much so, we share them all with you.

Our Products

Our perfumers create niche perfumes using only the best quality raw materials, sourced from all over the world.

Not only do we care about you, we also have a love for our planet. All our products are vegan, cruelty free, containing no harsh chemicals & are naturally, safe for you!


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What Matters @ Mine.

At Mine. of course we have a love for everything fragrance but we are a team that value creating change.

We are a collective of doers. We know what this market wants and we are the team that will be bringing you the scents and products you didn't even know you were ready for!

Well being · Sustainability · Empowerment

We want to empower you with the knowledge of fragrance safety, what is truly good for us and we want to empower you with the language and information to understand the true magic of fragrance.

Join Our Crew

Mine Crew is the only crew to be a part of. We are a prestigious collective who share a love of fragrance and style, join to be included in our exclusive events and be the first to know when we're creating a new scent by subscribing to our mailing list.

Who knows... we might even need your help designing our future perfume collections!

botol botol parfum mewah. parfum mewah warna warni. parfum mine