• 2022 •
2022 Time Capsule Collection merupakan koleksi khusus terbaru dari Mine., koleksi Time Capsule ini akan terus dikeluarkan pada akhir tahun untuk menggambarkan momen selama setahun kebelakang. Mengambil inspirasi dari ; Reconnection, Opening Up, Exploring, Blooming

We created this fragrance to embody a year we have been waiting for. To be able to go out and enjoy both the people and the world around us. To capture this we developed our fragrance with four key accords; cosmic lily, bergamot spritz, ruby rhubarb, and crystallin vanilla. Each of these has a story to tell

• Cosmic Lily •

Jumping into the future with two feet, a floral that represents excitement and exploration. A creamy light and white floral accord that suits boldly on the skin

• Bergamot Spritz •

Fun, sparkling, and oh so bubbly! A splashful citrus to be enjoyed with others. Reconnection with friends, creating memories that make our future look bright

• Ruby Rhubarb •

A modern romantic affair of physical meetings and intense attraction, sweet however a little sour. This combination leaves you intrigued to come back and learn more

• Crystallin Vanilla •

A nostalgic warmth reminding us of all of the things we loved in life. Taking a step back into the world we once knew so well. A soft and powdery sweet aroma balancing a complex composition