Eau De Parfum
50ml glass perfume bottle in hard box packaging
Limited Edition - Time Capsule Collection

• 2023 •
Time Capsule 2023 Collection adalah koleksi khusus dari Mine. yang menggambarkan momen selama setahun kebelakang. Time Capsule 2023 terinspirasi dari: Artificial Intelligence, Mon Cherry

We created this fragrance to remind you about the trend of artificial intelligence and to capture a year of connectivity and compassion. In a world filled with challenges, this scent has been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of joy and cheer.

Mon Cherry is a fragrance featuring notes of cherry, pistachio, and salted caramel, among other bespoke accords, these ingredients shine as the stars of this composition. AI believes you will relish this fragrance, we think you will too. Because each of these notes has a story to tell with every spritz.

• Cherry •

Cherries are a type of fruit that is typically sweet and juicy. They have a slightly tart flavor, and the taste can vary depending on the variety of cherry. With each spritz, we hope you can find a narrative of nature's embrace and the timeless beauty of cherry orchards in full bloom, reminding you of this year full of history.

• Pistachio •

Like a cherished novel, pistachios burst forth with a distinct sweetness. As the fragrance settles, a subtle earthiness emerges, reminiscent of sweet memories.

• Salted Caramel •

As a closing of the journey, this year brings the scent of where every note is both sweet and savory, a harmonious dance that mirrors the ebb and flow of the nearby life. It's a journey through layers of indulgence, a sensory experience that mirrors the haven where it all began.


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