Ethereal Extreme & Untamed



Eau De Parfum

30ml glass perfume bottle in soft box packaging

(Bundling will get Extra soft box packaging)


This angelic fragrance has been given a twist of sensuality & desire. This aroma is lightened with the iconic airnessy of our original Ethereal EDP. Dainty baby's breath and elegant bergamot provide an innocence that first touches the nose. Enjoy this gorgeous scent if you are one who loves to be viewed by others as successful in your walk of life, the one looked up to, the one people long to be.

It's sticky and sweet yet still airy ethereal like. It's a fragrance that has a vibrant aura, captivating the room.


A bold affair full of desire and entice.

This scent exudes confidence, wealth with a touch of naughtiness.

A created aura to turn heads, full of lust and impulsive longingness, you control the emotions felt all around.

Wear with caution!


A striking couple, stronger together. Bold smokeyness and gourmand notes play together in a magica way, highlighting the best in each other. Cheeky tobacco and tonka bean leave a lingering presence, a couple simply desired.



Pengiriman setiap hari kecuali Sabtu, Minggu, dan tanggal merah. Durasi dari pemesanan ke pengiriman paling cepat di hari yang sama jika konfirmasi pembayaran dilakukan sebelum jam 3 sore. Lebih dari itu akan ikut pengiriman di hari berikutnya. Hal ini berlaku untuk item yang statusnya ready stock.