Mine. Perfumery | Mine Dot | 24 Carat - 50ml Extrait De Parfum




Extrait De Parfum

50ml glass perfume bottle in hard box packaging

Introducing a scent from our Opulence Collection — This captivating perfume exudes opulence in every note. Imagine a gardenia petal dipped in 24-carat gold, radiating immense wealth and luxury. Dry florals blend seamlessly with velvety suedes, dripping with nectar and sweet, vanillic milk, creating a warm embrace that gracefully envelops your skin. Its sillage leaves a trail of wealth and intrigue wherever you go.

Top : Floral Nectar, Mimosa, Pink Pepper

Middle : Gardenia, Gold-Leaf, Iris, Violet, Tuberose

Base : Suede, Vanilla Milk, Amber, Leather

You'll love this if you are:

Appreciate the allure of white florals with an elevated, opulent twist. Prepare to be stopped in your tracks as people inquire about your enchanting fragrance throughout the day and into the evening.

Silliage : ★★★★★

Projection : ★★★★

Longevity : ★★★★★

Layering with:

24 Carat + Vanilla Caviar = Velvet Clouds

24 Carat + Tatami = Golden Onsen

24 Carat + Untamed = Libertine